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involved. the numbers are on your screen -- our first call comes from james in bay city, mich. on our line for republicans. caller: good morning. i understand if you have no children at all, it would be a good deal. on the other hand, what is the downside to this bank? -- to this thing? i am 90 years old. thank you. guest: the first thing people should think about is whether they really need to have this money. if you needed to stay in the home and you have no other assets or way to borrow money, then you should look into a reverse mortgage. the thing you have to be careful of, for instance, if you have a property that is valued at $250,000, and if you're 65, you could maybe get a loan of $135,000 on a because they don't give you the full value of the home in the loan. the give you a portion of that. it goes up as your oldness or fewer 90 years old and having to order the $2,000 house, you can get close to $200,000 on that house. what are you going to do without lump sum of money? if there is another 10 years that the person lives, you can be adding $80,000 or more to that loan. you could
catastrophe instead -- he has earned a second term. mitt romney does not deserve a first. that is from the salt lake city tribune. steve is on the phone from florida, a republican line. good morning. caller: hello, how are you. i believe the endorsements do matter, but i believe in newspapers and any other publications that i have followed are quite honestly right wing speakers. i do not think they should put out endorsements because somebody like myself, i have to be able to talk to people -- a newspaper can reach millions of people. who is writing the endorsement? they have a much larger scale to go and talk about who they want to vote for. i think it ought to do the news and that is just picked. host: thank you for the call. this is from the twitter page. another look at the salt lake city tribune. obama has earned a second term. caller: good morning and thank you to c-span. i just wanted to say that i do not think newspapers really matter all that much. i subscribe to the tampa bay times. when i talk to people -- i work at a country club. what i talk to a lot of people out there, t
street opens this morning for the first time in two days since the storms and the hit new york city and other parts of the east coast. michael bloomberg will ring the opening bell. stock futures are rising ahead of the opening. president obama is its new jersey today and will meet with some of the victims of the storm. we will have his remarks on c- span radio after the noon hour. republican presidential nominee mitt romney appears and florida. first, a tampa victory rally. senator marco rubio, jeb bush, and connie mack will also be appearing with mitt romney. turning to the economy, matthew rutherford in a statement earlier said the treasury still expects the government will hit the current debt and borrowing limit at the end of the year. he says treasury will employ the same types of procedures that it has used in the past to keep borrowing under the current debt limit of 16.39 trillion. the nation's debt currently stands at 16.16 trillion. the united states has never failed to meet its debt obligations, although the last battle over the raising of the debt ceiling in august 2011
will change. host: c-span is at the university of denver for the first presidential debate that will happen tonight. we will here for some questions from students at the university of denver. the school was founded back in 1864 after the city of denver itself. it has over 11,000 students. we want to thank comcast for sponsoring this visit. let's go to the first student at the university of denver. >> in the history of the modern debates, only two third-party candidates have been involved in the presidential debates. the candidates must achieve a level of 15% of the electorate. to participate. is it not been the best interest of the commission to include another party in the debate? guest: there is a debate as to what that criteria should be. i think the commission is doing the right thing. ross perot passed the 15% threshold in 1992 and 1996 and he was allowed in. jimmy carter decided not to participate in one debate. host: we will hear more from you and the next 45 minutes. our guest is the co-author a " the time line of presidential elections." can you give us an example of a key moment i
for the first time in 40 years supporting a republican candidate. thank you. guest: thank you. by the way, i will be dubuque taking our grandkids to the water park, so i will enjoy your lovely city. i don't know why? the des moines register decided the way they did. but this is an election that i think has energized women voters. i don't think it is a blanket issue. i don't think women voters will be energized to vote one way or the other. but i think women voters are energized. women voters on both sides of all issues that affect women understand that there is a pretty stark choice in this election and that they understand. they need understand. so i -- so i think they understand they need to vote. i feel both candidates have convinced women this is an election they will be affected. the things that affect women will be affected by which candidate wins this election, in other words. there will be real concrete change. so they are energized. typically, i would say, in most elections that would favor democrats, because women tend to vote more democratic than men do. if we will see how it play
cities and what makes them interesting, here is a little bit of a preview from tonight's program. [video clip] >> this is the first parish church in brunswick, maine. it is significant to the story of a uncle tom's cabin. in many ways, the story began here. it is here in pew #23 that harriet beecher stowe, by her account, saw the vision of uncle tom being whipped to to death. he is the title character, the hero of her 1852 novel," uncle tom's cabin." the story is that there is -- there was a slave, a good slave, sold by his first kind owner, mr. shelby, and he sold him to pay debts on his plantation through a series of misadventures, you might say, he ends up in the hands of a very unruly owner who is so irritated by him and his goodness that he whips him to death. this is the scene out of which the entire novel gross. harriet beecher stowe came from a group very religious family located in ohio where she grew up. they were a highly religious family and they were an anti- slavery family. she was married to calvin stowe who was a theology professor, a doctor of divinity, and her whole und
of becoming no longer a city, but now considered a town. and we are all suffering here. i have not seen one percent that has not first handedly felt the hit from this economy. our oil prices are so high right now that it is almost like we are all trying to figure out solutions within our own households. how to clip more coupons to get by. we need someone who can get us back on track. i do not just think that mitt romney has something to bring to the table, but also paul ryan. they are both intellectual people who seem to be very well on target with not only each other, but how to bring forth ideas to the table. i think you are going to see that when he gets elected president. host: lillian? caller: i can agree with what you are saying about the gas prices and the economy. i do not know if she heard me when i spoke earlier. i am originally from michigan. i was born in pontiac, mich.. that your caller earlier from detroit spoke on. i was born in pontiac. i lived there for almost 30 years. when my husband and i moved to detroit and we lived there for several years. my son is still there in the
and moved to north carolina. let's go to the phones -- our first caller is calling from asheville, n.c., on our line for independences. caller: rob, i'm surprised you did not mention that asheville is a very liberal city and textiles is not our primary industry. i live across the road from billy graham's compound. you did not bring up the fact that he removed mitt romney and mormon is and as a call from his list and has been controversial here. -- as a cult. for the last two years, republicans have been in control of north carolina, unfortunately. they get into abortion and voter i.d. which was defeated. going back to asheville, we are a liberal city. i have already voted for obama and i voted for him in 2008 and i think he is the answer for this country, not mid romney. host: talk to us. guest: western north carolina is a fairly conservative area. asheville is a liberal pocket within western north carolina. it is true that the website for the graham association had listed more medicine as a cult until recently, until they had kind words for mitt romney and they took that off their w
latest blobook. and later on, katrina vanden heuvel will talk to you about campaign 2012. first, let me tell you about this weekend on american history tv and book tv. we have a local content vehicles traveling the country visiting communities. one weekend each month we focus on a specific city. this weekend is augusta, maine. about the founding of the area, the history of the state capitol building and the governor's mansion. as well as discovering other historic sites. helps to the story of augusta and the state of maine. and we take to the church where she wrote the book uncle tom's cabin. as well as other local authors document and some events in the history of maine. let us listen in. >> this is there a city and main that has a major river. we occupy both sides of the river. and east and west side of the river. the river has become the defining point for us in the city of agusta. that is unique. the other thing that is unique about agusta, the state capital. we have access to the state's legislature and the governor's mansion. and all of the government services. to expect to have w
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9